Studio 13 is a Burlington, N.C. Artist Owned and Operated Tattoo Parlor. "Scuba" Steve Bowes is the owner/founder and Artist here at the "13". Along side Mr. Scuba are a pair of hand picked employees, whom are as much family as they are just employees.. Chad Dickson is new to the Tattooing Industry, None the less he is a seasoned Artist and he is quickly gaining tons of "Tattooing" Experience. Definitely an artist who loves this industry and loves making our clients very happy. We also have Bobby "Tatu" Maness whom is one of the forefathers of "Artist" Tattooing here in L.A. county. You can read more about this in his Bio on his Gallery Page on this website..  Together we are THE STUDIO 13 FAMILY that is looking forward to meeting you and giving you the Modifications you want and Need! We pride ourselves in giving our clients the Tattoos and Piercings they are looking for. Large or Small pieces always get our 110%. This Studio was set up to have a comfortable place for Our Clients and Artists to bring their ideas to life. 
Providing our clients with a sterile environment to come have their ideas brought to reality in the skin. All you need is imagination and some empty canvas.. 



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