Studio 13 is a Burlington, N.C. Artist Owned and Operated Tattoo Parlor. "Scuba" Steve Bowes is the owner/founder and Artist here at the "13". And Our Shop Manager Alisha Barnhardt has came in and helped Scuba take Studio 13 to the Next Level, bringing in an Amazing Vibe for all of us and our clients here at Studio 13. Along with bringing in Alisha in the Management dept, We also welcome Christa Tapp, our amazing New Piercer.. She has been a Super Rad asset to the Shop, with the most laid back and sweet demeanor as well as being super thorough explaining her procedures and aftercare making sure all clients are comfortable and informed.  We pride ourselves in giving our clients the Tattoos and Piercings they are looking for. And last but certainly not Any Less important Our Rad Lil Apprentice "Minnesota" She has joined the 13 Family to find her place in the tattoo industry, She has proven her self as an amazing artist and leans toward the Realism Style in her Drawings. She is available for Consignment Art if you need a new Piece of Art for your home or Office. As well as bringing another amazing artist in to Our family, we also have another positive flow of creativity and a super Rad vibe here at the shop.. And Personally " I think this is the best Crew I have EVER worked with, they are very young in the industry, but they take their careers and talents very seriously and professionally and I am lucky to have such an Amazing and Talented Crew/Family here with me!!! "
                                   Scuba Steve 

Large or Small pieces always get our 110%. This Studio was set up to have a comfortable place for Our Clients and Artists to bring their ideas to life. 
Providing our clients with a sterile environment to come have their ideas brought to reality in the skin. All you need is imagination and some empty canvas.. 

As well as Tattoos and Piercings, we do offer Custom Art for you Home or Office. We offer many Art Mediums such as Pencil, Charcoal, ink Drawings and sketches as well a Acrylic Paintings Framed on Paper, on Canvas Boards and/or on Stretched Canvas.. And other mediums as well as Wood Burning and Custom Clothing.. Just Swing by and Chat up an Artist here at the shop or contact them off their page here.. 



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